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Here's how it works

Get started in three easy steps!

1.  Download the app

You can download Tap In: Bar Scene on iOS and Google Play stores for FREE. 

Store=Google Play, Style=BnW-Outline.png
Store=App Store, Style=BnW-Outline.png
2.  Create an account
3.  Start 'Tapping In'

'Tap In' when you arrive at the bar. Once you 'Tap In' you are ready to start rating the bar on five different categories: 

  • Line wait

  • Drink quality

  • Crowd

  • Price

  • Music

IPhone mockup 4.png
Ticket from Tap In: Bar Scene showing an event ran in Towson, MD. Charles Village Pub, Barleys Backyard, Rec Room, C&R

Don't Just Take Our Word For It


I'm a bar owner/manager, how do I get my business on the app? Please Fill out the contact us form below. From that point we will reach out with our onboarding signup page and our team will be contacting you for an in person/virtual meeting. We're excited to work with you!

Does it cost money? No, Tap In: Bar Scene is completely FREE for both the users and bars.

When will you be uploading the bars in my area? If you want your local bars added be sure to contact us using the form below with your location and the list of bars in your area. Get all your friends to contact us as well, we only add areas that are in high demand at this time.

Who is it for? Tap In is for both party-goers who want more information before going out and businesses who want a dedicated platform for their live drink specials, activities and events.

Why should I rate the bars? Rating your local bars allows you to inform your friends on exactly what is happening from line wait to how crowded it is. Points are given to each profile once the rating survey is complete which allows users to redeem them for different gifts (Ex: Free drink, BOGO, Tap In T-shirt, gift cards, ability to skip the bar line, etc)

If you have questions or want more information, please contact us using the form below. 

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