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Expat's GM & AGM with Tap In Founders

Making a Splash Into D.C.

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ExPat, a brand-new 9,000 sqft sports bar nestled next to the George Washington University campus, aspires to make a grand entrance into the bustling Washington DC nightlife scene. With ambitions to become the premier destination for sports enthusiasts and social gatherings, ExPat Sports Bar sought our expertise to orchestrate a memorable launch and establish a distinctive brand identity.


In the competitive landscape of Washington DC's nightlife, ExPat Sports Bar faced the daunting task of standing out amidst a myriad of established venues. The challenge lay in not only attracting attention but also captivating the imaginations of potential patrons to position itself as the coveted "hot new spot" in town.


We crafted a detailed digital brand identity for ExPat Sports Bar, ensuring alignment with its target audience. Through strategic community engagement initiatives such as soft launch events, friends and family gatherings, and an on-campus recruiting event, we not only provided immersive experiences but also amplified ExPat's presence on social media, generating anticipation among potential patrons.


  • ExPat's social media page gained over 1,000 real followers in under 90 days, demonstrating the effectiveness of organic strategies in building genuine connections.

  • The success of ExPat Sports Bar's social media growth highlights the importance of prioritizing authentic engagement over superficial metrics.

  • Brands that invest in fostering meaningful relationships with their audience stand to reap significant rewards in today's authenticity-driven era.

  • Let's Tap In specializes in crafting customized organic social media strategies that resonate with audiences and deliver measurable results.

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