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Charles Village Pub (CVP)

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Driving Thursday Night Traffic Revival

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Charles Village Pub (CVP) is a local bar and pub located in the heart of Towson, Maryland. Facing challenges in connecting with the community and driving traffic to their location post-pandemic, CVP sought assistance from Let’s Tap In


CVP faced a significant decline in foot traffic, particularly on Thursday nights, following the pandemic. Despite being a well known spot, they struggled to attract patrons after the dinner rush, leading to a noticeable drop in sales during these hours.


Lets Tap In Curated a Thursday night event every week aimed at reinvigorating Thursday night attendance at CVP, with a specific focus on targeting local university students. The campaign leveraged a combination of digital, traditional, and guerrilla marketing tactics to maximize reach and engagement.


Curated Event Planning: Let’s Tap In meticulously planned and executed over 30 events throughout 2022 in collaboration with CVP. These events were strategically designed to appeal to the target demographic, offering engaging themes, entertainment, and promotions to drive interest and attendance.


  • The implementation of the marketing campaign resulted in a significant turnaround for CVP's Thursday night traffic. Sales during the targeted hours surged from just over $1,000 to a consistent weekly revenue ranging between $10,000 to $12,000.

  • Over the course of the year, Let's Tap In's collaboration with CVP generated more than $100,000 in additional revenue compared to previous years, showcasing the tangible impact of the marketing efforts on the client's bottom line.

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