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TLC & Tap In Collab

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C&R Towson, a local establishment, experienced a decline in Friday night foot traffic from the end of 2023 into 2024, despite their efforts to attract patrons through various means.


The decline in foot traffic posed a significant challenge for C&R Towson, prompting them to seek assistance in revitalizing their Friday night events.


Recognizing the need for a fresh approach, C&R Towson engaged Let’s Tap In to promote a special event featuring DJ Jon Gossling from TLC's "Jon and Kate plus 8". Let’s Tap In swiftly devised a one-week marketing campaign, assuming responsibility for all aspects, including content curation, marketing strategy development, and deployment across social media platforms.


 Let’s Tap In meticulously curated captivating marketing assets and devised a comprehensive strategy tailored to C&R Towson's target audience. Leveraging their expertise, they executed the campaign with precision, maximizing visibility and engagement on social media platforms.


  • The one-week marketing campaign yielded remarkable results, with social media impressions experiencing a 10x increase, and engagements surpassing previous levels by over 5x.

  • The event generated significant buzz, attracting over 100 RSVPs from eager patrons.

  • On the night of the event, C&R Towson witnessed an impressive turnout, with more than 200 attendees filling the venue.

  • The event proved to be a resounding success, resulting in over $8,000 in revenue for the bar on that Friday night alone. This represented a remarkable increase of over 50% compared to the revenue from the previous four Friday nights.

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