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Baja Tap

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Tapping Into New Markets

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Baja Tap, located in Fells Point Baltimore, opened its doors in September 2023. Despite its vibrant location, the establishment faced challenges with slow foot traffic in the initial months of operation.


After several months of struggling to attract patrons, Baja Tap sought the expertise of Let's Tap In in 2024 to revamp its marketing strategy and boost revenue.


Let’s Tap In embarked on a comprehensive marketing campaign, beginning with the creation of a new business page for Baja Tap. Leveraging their proven marketing tactics, the agency curated the entire weekend experience at Baja Tap, spanning from Thursday through Sunday.


The agency's efforts focused on cultivating a strong social media presence and organizing engaging events to draw diverse crowds to Baja Tap. Thursday nights featured a Millennial event, Fridays catered to college crowds, and Saturdays were reserved for private events.


  • Within just one month, Lets Tap In successfully grew Baja Tap's social media page to over 1,000 organic followers.

  • By February 2024, Friday nights saw a remarkable surge in revenue, consistently exceeding $7,000 weekly.

  • The curated events attracted a diverse clientele, contributing to the venue's success. Thursday nights' Millennial event alone generated over $2,000 in weekly sales.

  • Baja Tap's weekend revenue soared to over $40,000, a significant improvement compared to the underwhelming performance in December 2023, when revenue barely surpassed $10,000 on the same nights.

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