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Guardians of the Nightlife


Never Have a Boring Night Out Again!

Who doesn't like a night out on the town? We've all run into the problem of waiting in line, buying over priced drinks, or missing out on the best party in town.


With Tap In: Bar Scene, the answer to those problems are just ONE CLICK AWAY ...

Rating screen that shows the crowd rating on the app screen.
Home Screen of the Tap In: Bar Scene app that shows bars like Charles Village Pub, The Charles, and C&R Pub.
Iphone Mockup showing the bar profile screen. currently shows the Tap In, Specials & Menus, Events & Activities buttons on them.
Tap In: Bar Scene allows you to ...
Rating the bars.png
Drink Specials_Menu Icon.png

Rate the Bars

Find Drink

Specials & Menus

See Events & Purchase Tickets

Untitled design-109
the hall
The Point
The charles
RJ Bentleys
Nacho Mamas
image 22
image 20
image 21
Iron hill
Join Our Growing List of Partners

Some of our accomplishments

Towson University Summer Cohort

We have been selected to join the third cohort at Towson University during the summer of 2022. In this cohort we will be working with top professionals and their startups. As well as be mentored to help grow our business in the next coming months.  We have been invited back to be the parent company during the 2023 winter cohort.

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E-Fest - Top Entrepreneurship Competition

The top-rated start-up competition for student entrepreneurs is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and hosted by Dick Shultz, Founder/CEO of Best Buy. This draws in applications of over 120 startups from all around the US. Tap In was accepted among 25 other start-ups to go to Minnesota and compete against the best. Tap In came in 1st place for the Pitch Slam Competition and received $10,000 in grant funds. And were finalist overall in the prestigious competition. The earnings from E-Fest will be used to expand the app to create events such as bar crawls and concerts, add geolocation technology so the app will be able to recognize when people are inside a certain bar.

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Top 5 Under 25: Baltimore Business Journal

Ryan & Conrad were inspired by their own lackluster experience going to bars in Towson, realizing that they could help make the nightlife experience better. Around 15-20 bars in the Towson/Baltimore area currently use the software and there are around 5,000 users. Conrad compared the application to Waze, a GPS navigation app that similarly uses crowd-sourced data to help people make better informed decisions.

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